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Maxillofacial surgery

Sometimes, to achieve a dream smile, orthodontic treatment alone is not enough. In many cases, treatment must be carried out together with other specialists in the field of cosmetic dentistry, implantology, periodontology, dental surgery or facial-maxillofacial surgery.

When there is a need to correct a chin that is too protruding or retracted in the facial profile, gums that are too prominent in the smile, or facial asymmetry, orthodontic treatment precedes facial-jaw surgery procedures.

The basis for surgical procedures is proper diagnostics.

X-ray diagnostics

  • Properly taken images allow for accurate orthodontic diagnostics. The newest technology allows to significantly reduce the dose of X-ray radiation, which makes the examinations safe for both adult and young patients.
  • After receiving the pantomographic and cephalometric X-ray images, the doctor analyzes them using specialized software. The results of the digital cephalometric analysis are used to establish the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

Why us?

  • Many years of experience, we are one of the first private orthodontic practices in Poland.
  • We offer our patients the best and most up-to-date treatment methods, including aesthetic and invisible methods.
  • Our team consists of medical specialists, most of them active lecturers at national and international conferences and courses.


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