Price list

Pomyślnie wysłano


Consultation 200 zł
Diagnostic visit 500 zł
Fixed metal braces treatment 15 000 zł
Fixed porcelain braces treatment 19 000 zł
Treatment of children - full care for 18 months 4 200 - 7 200 zł
Invisalign first 6 800 - 8 200 zł
Invisalign i7 od 6 000 zł
Invisalign Lite od 11 000 zł
Invisalign Teen od 15 500 zł
Invisalign Full 17 000 zł

The above prices include the total cost of the complete orthodontic treatment including the fitting of braces/invisalign, all necessary orthodontic visits and removal of the braces/invisalign. Payable in installments.


Dental panoramic radiograph 100 zł
Cephalometry 100 zł
RVG 30 zł


Dental check-up 120 zł
Dental check-up with written treatment plan 200 zł
Filling in a permanent tooth 300-600 zł
Infiltrative anaesthesia 30 zł
Conduction anaesthesia 50 zł


Tray whitening 1000 zł
In-office whitening 1400 zł


Surgical consultation 200 zł
Consultation for maxillofacial surgery 350 zł
Extraction of permanent tooth 350 - 520 zł
Extraction of third molar 450 - 800 zł
Implant 2700 zł
Implant-supported crown 2500 - 2900 zł

The price list is not a commercial offer in accordance with art. 66 par. 1 of the Civil Code and is published for informational purposes only. Due to the specificity of the dental industry treatment plan and cost can be accurately determined only on the basis of examination and consultation with a dentist. Prices quoted in the price list may be subject to change.

Why us?

  • Many years of experience, we are one of the first private orthodontic practices in Poland.
  • We offer our patients the best and most up-to-date treatment methods, including aesthetic and invisible methods.
  • Our team consists of medical specialists, most of them active lecturers at national and international conferences and courses.


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