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What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of malocclusion, maxillofacial defects and prevention of dental abnormalities.

Our clinic has been specialising in orthodontics since 1984 when we opened one of the first private orthodontic practices in Poland, run by Anna Wierusz, MD. We provide comprehensive treatment for children, adolescents and adults. We successfully undertake treatment of any malocclusion, even the most difficult ones. We always try to propose the best solution for the Patient. We were one of the first to start using fixed braces and aligners.

Orthodontic treatment is performed on patients of all ages for preventive and aesthetic reasons.

Properly aligned teeth affect the soft tissues. Proper lip muscle tone delays the aging process and the formation of wrinkles. Few people know how changing the alignment of teeth can affect the patient's face and change his life. Therefore, in our office we pay great attention to proper diagnostics. We offer accurate, fully digital, diagnostics with the use of an intraoral scanner and X-ray machine (dental panoramic radiograph, lateral X-rays, dental X-rays).

Every orthodontic treatment ends with retention, which helps to maintain the achieved result. We always strive to make the retention stable, aesthetic and comfortable for the patient. We use permanent retention on the lingual side and/or removable retention trays. As the first orthodontic clinic in Poland, we started to use ClearBow - a transparent, flat arch for acrylic retention plate that allows to maintain the highest aesthetics and increase the stability of the result.

What services do we perform?

  • Orthodontic consultation of all malocclusions
  • Treatment with Invisalign transparent overlays (all stages)
  • Treatment with fixed metal or crystal braces
  • Lingual braces treatment
  • Hyrax treatment
  • Diagnostic consultation
  • Retention control after completion of treatment
  • Comprehensive orthodontic treatment of children, adolescents and adults

Additional information about orthodontics

Treatment of children and adolescents


A large group of our patients are children.

The first, screening consultation is recommended at the age of 8. However, if you notice anything of concern in your child, the first visit should be as early as possible.

We do our best so that young patients have pleasant memories of visits to our office and their treatment is quick and comfortable. We begin treatment in children only in cases of a clear lack of space for permanent teeth or abnormal direction of jaw growth. We try to make the treatment as short and effective as possible.
The treatment of children is usually the first phase of orthodontic treatment.

Well planned and performed treatment can reduce the need for extraction of permanent teeth, prevent jaw surgery, and shorten and sometimes eliminate Phase II of treatment with fixed or overlay braces after full tooth replacement.

Adult patient treatment


We use all available treatment techniques to achieve the best possible end result. If necessary, we can make the treatment completely invisible by using adhesive braces on the tongue side or Invisalign braces which are our specialty.

For treatment, we use only proven methods and orthodontic appliances of the world's leading manufacturers. We rely on our clinical experience and knowledge based on scientific facts, so that the treatment is effective, predictable and as short as possible.

Collaborative treatment


Sometimes, to achieve a dream smile, orthodontic treatment alone is not enough.
In many cases, treatment must be carried out together with other specialists in the field of cosmetic dentistry, implantology, periodontology, dental surgery or facial-maxillofacial surgery.
We work with many specialists and offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment when necessary.

Why us?

  • Many years of experience, we are one of the first private orthodontic practices in Poland.
  • We offer our patients the best and most up-to-date treatment methods, including aesthetic and invisible methods.
  • Our team consists of medical specialists, most of them active lecturers at national and international conferences and courses.


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